Paradise, NV, Interior and Exterior Painting Experts

In a place like Paradise, only the highest quality interior and exterior paints will make your business or home stand out against the colorful Las Vegas backdrop. At New Age Painting & Coatings, we're a premier painting company in Paradise, NV, that provides superior residential and commercial painting services to accentuate the beauty of your property.


As a family-owned business, our passion is providing outstanding customer service to our community to help our neighbors in Paradise, NV, and the surrounding areas complete the painting projects of their dreams.

Professional House Painting Services in Paradise, NV


As a leading professional painter in Paradise, New Age Painting & Coatings completes every project with a finely-tuned process that ensures the best results each time. Before applying interior paint, we adhere to the following steps:


  • Mask and cover furniture, windows, etc.
  • Remove wall fixtures
  • Repair drywall damage

We use an industry-standard two-coat painting system that provides top-quality results for your home. However you want to transform your space, our expert painters have the skills to actualize your vision.

Why Choose New Age Painting & Coatings?


At New Age Painting & Coatings, we go above and beyond to leave our clients happy with the results of their projects. The following are some of the ways we stand out from other painting contractors in Paradise, NV:


  • Thorough cleaning and preparation before every project
  • Daily job site clean-up to avoid disruption to your home or business
  • High-quality paints with temperature and UV protection
  • Professional drywall repair and wallpaper removal
  • Interior staining for doors, baseboards, cabinets, etc.
  • Painting warranty for guaranteed satisfaction

Paradise, NV: A Painter's Paradise

In the heart of Southern Nevada, you'll find a community that takes pride in its homes and businesses. This is Paradise, NV, where painting isn't just a home improvement task—it's an art form. The city is teeming with talented painters, each bringing a unique touch to their work. Paradise has everything from interior painting to exterior projects, commercial ventures, and residential makeovers.

Interior Painting: Transforming Homes in Paradise

When it comes to house painting in Paradise, the name that stands out is New Age Painting & Coatings. With a dedicated team of artists, New Age Painting has mastered transforming interiors with their paintbrushes. New Age Painting's meticulous attention to detail and use of high-quality paints ensure that every room they touch radiates warmth and style.

Commercial Painting: Reflecting Business Identity

In Paradise, commercial painting is also a thriving sector. Businesses understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance, and painting companies are there to help. Paradise Painting contractors have the skills and licenses necessary to handle any project size, whether a small storefront or a large corporate building.

Exterior Painting: Enhancing Curb Appeal

Exterior painting is more than just applying a fresh coat of paint—it's about enhancing the curb appeal of your property. Paradise painting contractors understand this and offer services that go beyond expectations. Companies like New Age Painting & Coatings, with over ten years of experience, specialize in exterior painting, ensuring that your home or business stands out in the neighborhood.

Selecting the Right Painting Contractor

Choosing the right painting contractor can be challenging with so many options available. However, Paradise makes it easy with a plethora of highly-rated companies. In Paradise, NV, painting is more than a service—it's an art form. So, whether you're looking to revamp your home or business, remember to consider the local artists of Paradise for your next painting project.

New Age Painting & Coatings Paradise, NV, Service Area Map

Schedule a Free Estimate With Our Painters in Paradise, NV

Our experienced painters at New Age Painting & Coatings provide professional services, including residential and commercial painting, concrete stains, and epoxy coatings in Las Vegas, Paradise, Henderson, NV, and the surrounding communities.


During your consultation, our experienced estimators can suggest suitable color combinations and accents for your project. While we’re happy to help, the ultimate decision of how your space will look is in your hands.


To schedule a free estimate, call us at 725-238-3383.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Paradise, NV

Paradise, NV, is a vibrant and bustling community outside Las Vegas in Clark County, Nevada. With a population of approximately 223,167 residents as of 2021, Paradise is a thriving suburb that offers a unique blend of suburban comfort and the excitement of being near the famous Las Vegas Strip.


Known for its warm desert climate and breathtaking natural landscapes, Paradise attracts residents and visitors alike with its year-round sunshine and stunning mountain views. The community is a popular choice for those seeking a balance between the lively entertainment options of Las Vegas and a quieter, more residential atmosphere.


Paradise offers diverse amenities, including top-notch schools, shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities. The area is also home to several renowned golf courses and outdoor spaces, providing ample opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and picnicking.


The population of Paradise has grown steadily over the years, with a mix of families, young professionals, and retirees calling the area home. Its proximity to the Las Vegas Strip and major employment centers makes it an attractive option for individuals in the tourism, hospitality, and entertainment industries.


Overall, Paradise, NV, is a vibrant community that offers a high quality of life, a wide range of amenities, and easy access to the excitement of Las Vegas. Whether you're looking for a place to settle down or a vacation destination, Paradise has something to offer everyone.

Driving Directions from Paradise to New Age Painting & Coatings

1. Start by heading west on E Tropicana Ave.
2. Continue straight onto E Hacienda Ave.
3. Turn left onto S Eastern Ave.
4. Continue on S Eastern Ave for about 4.5 miles.
5. Turn right onto E Russell Rd.
6. After approximately 1 mile, turn left onto S Sandhill Rd.
7. Continue on S Sandhill Rd for about 1.5 miles.
8. Turn right onto E Twain Ave.
9. After approximately 0.7 miles, turn left onto S Swenson St.
10. Continue straight on S Swenson St for about 1 mile.
11. Turn right onto E Harmon Ave.
12. After approximately 0.3 miles, turn left onto S McLeod Dr.
13. Continue on S McLeod Dr for about 1.5 miles.
14. Turn right onto E Sunset Rd.
15. After approximately 0.4 miles, turn left onto S Pecos Rd.
16. Continue on S Pecos Rd for about 1.7 miles.
17. Turn right onto E Reno Ave.
18. After approximately 0.3 miles, turn left onto S Sandhill Rd.
19. Continue on S Sandhill Rd for about 0.7 miles.
20. Turn left onto E Patrick Ln.
21. After approximately 0.1 miles, turn right onto S McLeod Dr.
22. Continue on S McLeod Dr for about 0.7 miles.
23. Turn right onto E Hacienda Ave.
24. After approximately 0.4 miles, turn left onto S Brady Cir.
25. You will reach your destination, New Age Painting & Coatings, 5426 S Brady Cir, Las Vegas, NV 89120, United States, on the right.


Please note that these directions are based on the most common route and current traffic conditions. It's always a good idea to check for any road closures or construction updates before your journey. Safe travels!

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