When wrought iron looks good, it looks great. But when it needs TLC, well, few things will diminish the appearance of your property faster. Over time, the elements (and moisture in particular) will cause fading, unsightly pitting, and rust in your wrought iron features.

Our Wrought Iron Painting Process

Our process

Rather than just painting with short-term improvement in mind, NEW AGE PAINTING & COATINGS wrought iron painting and restoration process takes the time to get the job right. Wrought iron can greatly enhance the look and feel of any community.

However, without regular maintenance, wrought iron fences, railing, gates, staircases, and doors are susceptible to fading, pitting, and rust when exposed to humidity, rain, dirt, and damage from normal everyday use.

NEW AGE PAINTING & COATINGS goal is not only to reduce that natural damage, but to preserve the wrought iron on your property so it is better able to face potential damage in the future.


Our wrought iron painting process includes:

  • A thorough cleaning to remove contaminants
  • Sanding
  • Removing the rust and failing paint
  • Applying the ideal product for your needs, ensuring proper adhesion and a long, beautiful life
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