HOA Painting Specialists in Las Vegas

Is your townhouse’s paint job beginning to blister and fade in the intense Las Vegas heat? Has it been decades since your condo building has looked its best? Is the paint peeling on the wrought iron fence you share with your neighbors? With HOA painting services from New Age Painting & Coatings, you'll get expert guidance through the entire process.

The climate in Las Vegas can be tough on homes. Extremely hot temperatures, UV rays, and lack of moisture all play a role in deteriorating an exterior paint coating. Fortunately, our team of skilled painters, along with the New Age process of complete prepping and painting, will protect and beautify Las Vegas properties for many years to come.


Our process

Our HOA Community Painting company understands the coordination required to work with communities large and small and have the resources to meet with both board members and property managers to address the specific needs each community deserves.

Specialized HOA Painters

At New Age Painting & Coatings, working with HOA requirements is one of our specialties. Whether your community is tiny or houses hundreds of people, we’ll take the time to meet with your property managers and board members to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Our experts have decades of experience meeting HOA painting guidelines in Las Vegas.


We want every paint job we do to be extraordinary, and we know that homeowners’ associations place many restrictions on paint color, material, and contractor licensure. Our job is to balance these needs so that everyone ends up amazed by the results we deliver.

Interior Painting Services

Shared interior spaces are common in condominiums and similar communities, and their appearance and upkeep have an impact on homeowner experience throughout the property. We’ll blend our experience in residential interior painting with our knowledge of commercial painting to create an environment that your residents will want to call home.

Exterior Painting Services

Our exterior painting company understands the unique challenges that buildings in Las Vegas face. From low humidity to extreme temperature swings and even sandstorms, we use high-end materials and techniques that can stand up to all of the above.

We’ll also work closely with your residents, board members, and property managers to keep everyone up to speed on the process. Whatever the scale of your job, our team will address your community’s needs and make them our top priority.

Wrought Iron Painting Services

We paint not only buildings but wrought iron fences and railings, as well. Giving your community’s fencing a new coating prevents rust and improves its life span. Our paints can protect your metalwork from the sun, too.


We also offer a huge selection of metal paint and coating colors, so if you want to go beyond simple black, we’re glad to make that happen for you. In addition, you can choose between gloss and semi-gloss sheens. Click here to learn more.

Commercial Painting Services

Contracting with a commercial painting service like New Age Painting & Coatings can be a wise move for homeowners’ associations. Commercial painters are more likely to have the tools and crews necessary for large jobs, while purely residential painters may not. It’s not just a matter of ladder height, either. Our team uses advanced safety equipment, including harnesses, when working at heights.

Free Estimate and Consultation

Our team at New Age Painting & Coatings is proud to offer a wide variety of HOA painting services in Las Vegas, NV. If you’re ready to schedule your free estimate and consultation, give our experts a call at (725) 238-3383 or schedule your appointment online today.

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