Have you thought about painting the outside of your home or business and wondered how much you needed to budget for the project? New Age Painting & Coatings has put together a comprehensive pricing guide to help you.


First impressions count, and your home’s exterior paint job plays a significant role in shaping your home’s curb appeal. Nevada’s unrelenting sun and heat mean that exterior paint fades and cracks faster than anywhere else, so finding a painter offering affordable exterior painting pricing is essential. In Las Vegas, call us at New Age Painting & Coatings for your home's exterior!

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Exterior Painting

This is meant to be a pricing guide only and is based on homes with average accessibility and average repairs. Many factors can impact the pricing for a project including the accessibility of the areas, the level of surface preparation required, and the architectural details involved. Schedule a free detailed, customized quote for your project today.

Exterior Painting Company
Professional Exterior Painting Company

Stucco, Wood, and Masonry Homes

Small Homes


Medium Homes

$3,500 – $5,500

Large Homes

$5,500 – $10,000+

The Average Cost of an Exterior Paint Job

While every painting project is different, it’s possible to get a rough estimate of pricing exterior painting services by measuring the square footage of your home. Typically, exterior painting will cost between $1 and $3 per square foot (of floor space). If you're asking for small fixes to windows and trim, your professional painter may charge you per hour rather than based on the project's size. 

Factors that Influence Pricing Exterior House Painting


Painting companies consider your project from various angles when giving an estimate, which is why an on-site inspection is essential to getting an accurate quote. A quick breakdown of costs includes:


  • Labor: Painting the exterior of a home isn’t just about showing up and slapping on a coat of paint. It also involves gathering materials, covering any garden furniture or plants in the way, sanding away old paint, possibly making repairs, caulking, and site clean-up. While it’s tempting to go for painters offering cheap hourly rates, you’ll get what you pay for. A reputable professional painter with plenty of experience will charge between $40 and $80 per hour.
  • Materials: These costs include the type of paint you want, the number of coats, brushes, tools, cleaning equipment, and safety gear. Our New Age Painting & Coatings team will help you choose the best paint for your needs and budget.
  • Repairs and cleaning: Some exterior walls require a lot of preparation before applying a fresh coat of paint. If you have cracks, rotting, or dampness in the sidings, we’ll address these before moving on to painting.

What About DIY?



Many prospective clients look at the pricing of exterior painting, see how much of the quote goes towards labor, and decide that it’s much cheaper to paint their home’s exterior themselves.


While it’s possible to DIY your exterior paint job, several factors make this a worse option than it first appears. These include:


  • Material costs: Professional painters get their paints at a special discount rate, while you’ll have to buy retail rates, which are much higher. You’ll also need to invest in brushes, gear, and tools and probably rent a powerwasher to clean your walls.
  • Time: Our painting team has been doing this for years, so we know how to approach a project with maximum efficiency. You’ll spend a lot of time making and correcting mistakes, so painting a home’s exterior will take much longer than you initially thought.

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