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Think back to when you bought your property. Do you remember that feeling of pride swelling in your chest?


It’s natural for a property to sustain wear and tear over the years. If you look at your property now and compare it to the one you first bought, do you have that same sense of pride? Here at New Age Painting & Coatings, our painting contractors team in Las Vegas, NV, wants to help you feel that spark again.


We proudly serve the expansive and culturally remarkable area of Las Vegas, NV, and its surrounding areas. Las Vegas has a deep history and attracts millions of tourists every year. But as someone who lives here year-round, you want your property to look its best. 


In the rapidly evolving world of businesses, our Las Vegas painting team at New Age Painting & Coatings is your reliable partner for interior and exterior painting services to residential and commercial properties. Your property deserves the time and care our Las Vegas house painting team at New Age Painting & Coatings will give it. You can’t trust just anyone with your property; you need a services team with proven experience. 

New Age Painting & Coatings: Offering Quality Painter in Las Vegas

New Age Painting & Coatings began when our founder, Hugo, opened a painting company after working as a superintendent in Arizona for five years. With extensive experience, he felt confident in his ability to satisfy homeowners and commercial property owners. 


As a family-run business, we understand the importance of connecting with customers. We treat each of our projects like our property and each of our clients like family. 


If you’re a resident of Las Vegas, NV, or surrounding areas, you already know how dry the climate can be. This can take a toll on a property’s exterior paint. That’s why we take extra steps to protect your exterior surfaces.


We use high-quality, eco-friendly paint and tools to ensure the durability and longevity of our work. Our detail-oriented process makes our work stand out. You won’t get the results we produce from just any general contractor.


When you work with us, we guarantee:

  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Efficient jobs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Long-lasting interior and exterior paint

We involve you every step of the way. We prioritize your vision to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product. This is your dream; we’re here to bring it to life. 


Whether your house needs a touch-up or your commercial property needs a new coat, we’re here to help. Our services are akin to sending out a message of rejuvenation and vitality through the paint medium. In addition to our interior and exterior paint services, we have drywall contractors and concrete contractors who can tend to other home improvement projects. 


In the heart of Las Vegas's bustling life, we are a full-service company with multifaceted contractors. drywall repairs, residential painting, commercial painting, color consultations, and wrought iron painting are just some of our services. We’re the painters to call if you want to give your house a makeover without navigating between different contractors and services. 

An Established Business Name in the Las Vegas Painting Industry

When choosing professional painting services to trust with your property, you want one you have no doubts about. Here at New Age Painting & Coatings, we have an established name and reputation for quality services. 


We believe in providing high-quality paint jobs with equally good customer service. We do everything in our power to keep you satisfied. As guests in your home, we are hyper-aware of our environment and take measures to ensure we disrupt your routine as little as possible. 


When working on your property, we give you daily progress updates to keep you in the loop. We also clean up after completing our work for each day to keep your space clean. 


What about our technical qualifications?


We have a C-4A painting license from the Nevada State Contractors Board, and each of our painters has liability insurance in case of accidents. We also have active business licenses for general contracting and door-to-door sales under the Las Vegas Municipal Code. Further, we conduct a thorough background check on every painter we hire. 


You don’t have to take our word for it. You can see our website and multiple review sites for customer testimonials. 

Pioneering Project-Based Painting Services in Las Vegas

We’re changing the game for Las Vegas painters. We hold our contractors, painters, and other team members to the highest standard. Our meticulous process produces results that will leave you more than just satisfied, but blown away. 


Our process for interior painting services begins with a color consultation. If you already have a color in mind or want to replicate the one on your wall, we can do this easily. If you need more guidance about what color to choose, our team is ready to help.


To set up, we cover all surrounding services with protective plastic and drop cloths to keep your property clean. Before painting, we’ll fill any cracks in the wall. Once the surface is primed, we paint. Afterward, we clean up and do a walk-through inspection to guarantee you’re happy with the result.


Our exterior painting services are similar, but we start with a power wash to remove any dirt and mildew. We’ll sand and caulk any areas that need it, then mask any windows and shutters before painting. 


The duration of these services varies depending on the size and demands of the project, but we work as efficiently as possible for every client in Las Vegas, NV.


Reach out to New Age Painting & Coatings for your personalized painting estimate.


Home Painting Solutions Our Company Offers

Can we really do it all? 


Here at New Age Painting & Coatings, we offer a variety of interior and exterior services to residents of Las Vegas, Paradise, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. We’re dedicated to providing unique solutions for each client, as no two properties are the same. 


Our pro painters in Las Vegas are ready to transform anything from your commercial property’s exterior to your house’s bathroom vanities.

Interior Painting in Las Vegas

You probably spend most of your time on your property looking at its interior. It’s what makes your house feel like a home. It’s also what makes or breaks customers’ experience of a commercial property. 


So, when it needs a fresh coat of paint, don’t put it off. Our expert team will discuss your vision and then bring it to life. Whether we’re painting a single room or giving the entire property a fresh coat, you can rest assured that your property is in good hands. 


One common issue we see is that property owners let damaged drywall keep them from pursuing a new paint job. Here at New Age Painting & Coatings, we can repair your drywall or install a new one before moving forward with a sleek, fresh coat of paint. Similarly, we can remove any wallpaper getting in the way of the walls of your dreams. We will also sand and re-stain any worn-down surfaces, including doors, windowsills, and baseboards. 


We are your reliable choice for interior painting services in Las Vegas. Our professional team is committed to delivering high-quality results and keeping clients satisfied. Trust New Age Painting & Coatings with exceptional services to bring your vision to life.

Exterior Painting in Las Vegas

The appearance of your property’s exterior says a lot. It’s everyone’s first impression of your house or commercial property. Even if everything looks great inside, the outside suffers unique wear and tear from Nevada’s dry climate. 


Living in Las Vegas, NV, has many benefits, but one of the drawbacks is the hot weather and lack of rain. This will cause your property’s exterior to fade, crack, and peel over time. You want to have painting services you can trust in your back pocket.


If you want your neighbors to admire your siding, or your customers to be drawn in by the new, shiny exterior of your commercial property, call New Age Painting & Coatings. Our professional exterior painters in Las Vegas work to brighten the lives of you, your family, and your customers.


We work with a range of exterior materials, including: 

  • Vinyl
  • Stucco
  • Metal
  • Wood

In addition to your home’s exterior walls, we’ll beautify your railings, doors, and fences to keep the aesthetic consistent across your property’s exterior.

Cabinet Painting in Las Vegas

If you feel dissatisfied with how your kitchen looks, sometimes all it needs is new cabinets. This can transform your kitchen. You depend on your cabinets to hold utensils, food, and cleaning supplies. They need to be taken care of, too. When they start to chip or fade, it’s time to give our Las Vegas Cabinet Painting experts a call.


There’s no time to waste. Chipping leads to the coat deteriorating, which leads to wood rotting or warping. When we refinish your cabinets, we put a stop to this process.


When you work with New Age Painting & Coatings, we can refinish your cabinets to give them a new look, or we can replace them entirely. We understand that you’ll want your kitchen to be functional again as soon as possible. That’s why we work hard to finish our job in a timely manner. 


Our cabinet refinishing process varies from project to project. We can either paint them in place, remove them, or paint them in the garage. Our approach depends on the number and type of cabinets, as well as what you’d prefer as our client. 

Color Consultation in Las Vegas

Maybe you know you need a change, but your vision is still fuzzy. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. If you’re unsure what color to select for your property, our team is happy to make recommendations. 


We understand this is a big decision. The color you choose should represent you and your property. It should reinforce your lifestyle or brand. It also needs to be a color you enjoy seeing on a daily basis. 


With our years of experience on the job, we can share our knowledge of interior design trends, color theory, and the psychological effects of colors to help you find the best color for your project. For example, if you need painting services for your home’s exterior, we can help you choose the best shade to complement your outdoor lighting.


We start with questions when we offer you a color consultation in Las Vegas. Even if you don’t have a full-fledged vision, we help you discover it. Then, we’ll offer you an estimate that suits your needs best. 

Wrought Iron Painting in Las Vegas

Wrought iron fences have a timeless aesthetic that suits any property in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, as with any feature on a commercial or residential property, it will deteriorate over time. Wrought iron is a durable material, but it can be difficult to paint without the right knowledge and tools.


Our exterior painters work with any material, including wrought iron. Our wrought iron painting services use professional-grade, oil-based enamel paint that will make your wrought iron fence look new.


You won’t have to worry about your fence peeling or fading again anytime soon when we’re done with it. We start with the first coat of paint, which takes two to four hours to dry. We then leave this paint in place for 24 hours before adding the second coat. 


Whether your fence needs a touch-up or you want to give it a complete makeover, our team at New Age Painting & Coatings is right for the job. 

HOA Community Painting in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, NV, the community is everything, mirroring the rich tapestry of the American Painting scene that continues to thrive and inspire. That’s why New Age Painting & Coatings offers services to HOA communities of all sizes and needs. You deserve to be surrounded by properties that look and feel as good as those in them. 


We’ll rejuvenate your community with fresh paint, refinishes, and other home improvement projects. We’ll consider your HOA requirements and produce high-quality, consistent results across your community.


We are dedicated to delivering top-tier painting services to Homeowners Association (HOA) communities of every size and need. Live in a society where properties reflect the quality of the people within them!


Choose New Age Painting & Coatings, the preferred painters in Las Vegas, for an unparalleled commitment to excellence in HOA Community Painting.

New Age, New Possibilities: Hire Experienced Las Vegas Painters for Your Paint Needs Today

If you’re a resident of Las Vegas, NV, pick up your phone, and we’ll pick up our paintbrushes. When you hire New Age Painting & Coatings, you put the future of your property in good hands. Our painters in Las Vegas are dedicated to making every job perfect.


To prove it, we offer a paint warranty. If you’re dissatisfied with your results, or it begins to chip and peel after a recent paint job, we’ll fix it at no extra cost. 


If you’re ready to transform your Las Vegas, NV, property, start by scheduling a painting quote online or call (725) 238-3383 for more information. 

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About Las Vegas, NV

Las Vegas, often known simply as Vegas, is a vibrant city in Nevada, United States. It's internationally renowned for its bustling nightlife, entertainment shows, and many casinos. The city's main street, The Strip, is a spectacle with its themed hotels, luxury resorts, and impressive light displays.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2020, the estimated population of Las Vegas was over 641,000. The city has seen steady growth throughout the years, mainly due to its thriving tourism industry and strong economy. Despite being known for its 24-hour casinos and high-end lifestyle, Las Vegas is also home to diverse communities.


The city's cultural mix is reflected in its neighborhoods and food scene. Each neighborhood offers a unique flavor and experience, from the Arts District to Chinatown. The diverse food scene offers everything from gourmet dining to affordable street food.


As a vibrant city renowned for its diverse communities and thriving economy, Las Vegas is also home to numerous local paint stores. These stores cater to the city's growing population and varied aesthetic preferences, contributing to Las Vegas, NV's colorful and dynamic urban landscape.


Las Vegas is not just about gambling and entertainment. It's a city with a rich history and a vibrant community. It continues to attract people from all walks of life, contributing to its dynamic and diverse population.

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