The climate in Las Vegas can be tough on homes. Extremely hot temperatures, UV rays, and lack of moisture all play a role in deteriorating an exterior paint coating. Fortunately, our team of skilled painters, along with the New Age process of complete prepping and painting, will protect and beautify Las Vegas properties for many years to come.


Our process

  • Full exterior powerwash to remove dirt and debris to allow for clean painting surfaces. In some cases, TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) may be included in the wash to remove oxidized and chalking paint.
  • Scraping and removing of loose failing paint.
  • Sanding areas to create a smoother painting surface and to feather out edges where bare areas meet areas that still have paint.
  • Priming needed areas to allow for proper paint adhesion, and to seal areas from rust or stains.
  • Caulking needed areas to create a moisture barrier around the home. This is done using a 55 year rated, urathanized acrylic elastomeric caulking. Elastomeric caulkings are superior in stretchablity and durability to the elements.
  • Complete masking and covering of areas not to be painted (windows, roof, concrete, landscaping, furniture, decks, patios, etc).
  • Application of only premium quality paints (ask estimator for details) using today‚Äôs most advanced professional standards.
  • Daily job site clean up and progress reports.
  • Respectful and courteous professional painters.
  • Final job site inspection to ensure customer satisfaction.
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