Innovative Exterior Painting Services in Paradise, NV

Expert Exterior House Painting Services

We deliver exceptional exterior painting services in Paradise NV that breathe new life into your home. Our exterior house painting services go beyond merely changing the color of your walls. We offer high-quality painting that improves your property's appearance and protects it from different weather conditions.


Our painting process begins with a thorough power wash of all surfaces to ensure optimal adhesion of the paint. This step is important to ensure our Sherwin Williams exterior paint lasts a long time and has a strong finish.


Our painters can handle any type of siding, including vinyl, with expertise. As expert siding and painting contractors, we understand the unique demands of different siding materials. Our house siding painters meticulously attend to detail, ensuring they apply each coat of paint evenly and precisely.

Siding Painters Near You

When you're on the hunt for 'siding painters near me', New Age Painting & Coatings emerges as the top choice. We do more than just paint. We understand how to paint different types of siding, especially vinyl.


Our siding painters in Paradise are skilled at applying paint that bonds well with vinyl, resulting in a long-lasting and excellent finish. Our team is skilled at handling all types of siding. We ensure that each paint job enhances the appearance of your home. Additionally, we make sure that the paint job also protects your home from the weather.


Using high-quality Sherwin Williams exterior paint, we promise a durable finish that withstands the test of time. We paint with care, focusing on details, to make sure we fully cover your exterior wall.


We highly recommend our cost-effective exterior house painting services for those seeking significant home improvements.

Vinyl Siding Painting Contractors

We are skilled at painting vinyl siding and we take pride in our expertise and experience in this field. We are one of the few companies that paint vinyl siding near me. We are dedicated to providing quality service and making our customers happy.


Our skilled painters in Paradise know how to paint vinyl siding using Sherwin Williams paint and techniques that work well on vinyl. This careful painting makes your home look nice and protects it from different weather conditions.


We highly recommend our exterior house painting services for homeowners seeking cost-effective home improvements. We promise to pay close attention to every detail when painting your home, no matter what type of siding it has.

Exterior Home Painters You Can Trust

We are well-known for providing excellent exterior painting services in Paradise due to our strong dedication to quality. Our painters ensure that the painting process is smooth and hassle-free. They start by providing a free estimate and continue until the final walk-through. Throughout the entire process, they strive to exceed your expectations.


Our exterior home painters are experts in their craft, equipped with the skills and knowledge to handle any type of siding. We promise a good paint job that makes your home look better and protects it from bad weather. This applies to both vinyl and other materials.


We use high-quality Sherwin Williams paint and apply the right amount of coats for the best coverage and durability. We closely pay attention to every detail to ensure we paint your exterior wall perfectly, meeting industry standards.


We highly recommend our cost-effective house siding painters for those seeking significant home improvements.

At New Age Painting & Coatings, we're more than just a painting contractor. We help improve your home's appearance and value with our excellent exterior painting services. We suggest taking care of your home's outside appearance by hiring our team for a top-notch paint job. Call us now for a free quote and see why we're the top pick for outdoor painting in Paradise, NV.

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