A new paint job is one of the simplest ways to revitalize a room without a full renovation. Not only does a new coat of paint cover up any stains, but you can also change your color choice to reflect modern trends. The most common question our team at New Age Painting & Coatings gets is about interior painting pricing, as it’s one of the most important factors when finding the right professional painters for the job. 


Since there is no single answer, we recommend that prospective clients give us a call to schedule a walkthrough and obligation-free quote. However, if you want to know exactly how we calculate our quotes, this interior painting pricing guide should give you a rough idea of how much your next painting project will cost. 

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Interior Painting

The prices below are based on rooms with 8’ high walls and flat ceilings. Rooms with higher ceilings will be more. Price is also affected by how much extra prep work is involved. (i.e. Drywall patching of holes larger than a dime-size, stress cracks in ceilings and wall joints, amount and weight of the furniture to be moved from walls, etc.)

Interior Painting Service
Professional Cabinet Painting
Interior Painting Service
Large Rooms

$600 – $1,200

Add Ceilings & Trim:
$400 – $1,100

Medium Rooms

$500 – $1,000

Add Ceilings & Trim:
$200 – $700

Small Rooms

$250 – $650

Add Ceilings & Trim:
$150 – $550


All One Color:
$100 – $200


Both Sides Including Jamb and Trim:
$85 – $250

Average Cost to Paint a House Interior

Most painting professionals will start their quote by measuring your home’s interior. Larger spaces require more work and materials and will thus cost more. On average, you can expect to pay between $1 and $4 per square foot of floor space for a regular interior painting job. 


If you only want a single room painted, these costs may change. For instance, bathrooms are smaller, and the shower and tub areas cover a lot of wall space, making these rooms relatively inexpensive to paint. On the other hand, hallways and entryways require more expensive, durable paint and often need repairs, adding to the final estimate. 

Cost Break-Down

Pricing interior painting often comes down to two major factors: labor and materials. In some instances, we may identify areas that need repairs before we can put paint down, so we’ll calculate those independently. 


Labor: We consider the estimated time of the painting project and how much our professional painters charge per hour. Labor costs also involve charging for expertise. Experienced painters will help you choose the right paint, work faster, and produce better results, but they charge more.


Materials: Here, we include the cost of paint, tools, and safety equipment. 


Repairs: If your home has dampness or cracks, we’ll need to address these issues before starting to paint. As they'll take extra time, we’ll price them accordingly.

Other Factors that Influence Cost

Other “soft” factors can influence our interior painting pricing. Prices may be higher if we need to:

  • Paint multiple rooms
  • Conduct extensive pre-painting preparation
  • Work around furniture or occupants
  • Apply premium-quality paint
  • Apply multiple coats of paint

Similarly, interior painting pricing may be lower if we need to:

  • Paint only one or two rooms
  • Use a standard-quality type of paint
  • Work in a vacant property

Work With Our Pros

Make our team at New Age Painting & Coatings your go-to painting professionals in Las Vegas, NV. We work to keep painting costs low while maintaining a high level of quality work.


If you're looking at pricing painting interior walls, schedule a quote on our website or call us at (725) 238-3383 today! We look forward to helping you breathe new life into your living spaces with a fresh coat of paint.