Professional Color Consulting Services

Choosing the perfect paint for your home can be overwhelming because of the many options available. That's where our professional color consulting services come in.


Need help with interior or exterior design? Our Las Vegas painting company experts can assist you with color and paint consultations. We evaluate your space, consider your personal preferences, and recommend colors that enhance your home's aesthetic appeal.


Our team of paint consultants near you understands that every space has its unique requirements and personality. We consider these factors and your preferences to suggest the perfect color scheme to enhance your home's beauty.


If you want to revamp your home's exterior paint color, our exterior paint consultant is at your service. They possess extensive knowledge about color combinations suitable for different architectural styles and environments. Our color consultant can help you choose paint colors for your interior design. They can assist you in finding colors that match your existing decor and furniture.


We provide a free service where our color advisor gives expert advice on choosing and combining colors. Our team is here to help you choose colors for your exterior house. We can assist you if you're nearby or looking for a local color consultant. We aim to select colors that will transform your space.

Exterior House Color Consultant Services

The exterior of your house plays a crucial role in creating the first impression for your visitors. It sets the tone and establishes the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. We choose house colors that improve your home's look and match the surroundings.


First, we provide a complimentary paint consultation. Our experts will evaluate your home's design, style, and current elements. We can help you choose the perfect colors for your home to make it stand out and look beautiful.


In the consultation, we think about your house's style, the neighborhood's theme, and any rules or guidelines. We ensure that the colors we select for your home's design complement the surroundings. This creates a harmonious and visually appealing appearance.


Once our house painters in Las Vegas have narrowed down the ideal color options, our experts work closely with you to finalize the color scheme. We select colors for your home to enhance its appearance and create a pleasant atmosphere. Considering factors such as lighting, materials, and other relevant considerations, we do this.


We'll make your home's outside look amazing with our attention to detail and knowledge of colors. We understand that every home is unique. Therefore, we aim to create a personalized color scheme that reflects your style and personality.


We stand out because we carefully choose house colors that match the surroundings and blend well together. Our skills and commitment will help you create an impressive exterior. This will impress your visitors and make you proud and satisfied as a homeowner.

In-Home Color Consultation

New Age Painting & Coatings painting contractors in Las Vegas understand the importance of getting the right color for your space. Viewing paint samples in their intended environment, rather than solely in a store or online, is important. That's why we go the extra mile by offering in-home color consultation services.


When you book a color consultation, our consultant will come to your home at a time that suits you. Our consultants know about colors and design, so they can advise you on what you want and need.


During the consultation, our consultant will bring a wide range of paint samples for you to choose from. They will study your lighting conditions, considering natural and artificial light and the room's direction. Lighting affects how colors look, so choose a shade that goes well with your room.


Our consultants will also take into consideration your existing decor and furnishings. They will inspect your furniture, flooring, and accessories. This is to ensure that the paint color you choose matches the overall appearance of your home.


We bring paint samples to your home. This allows you to see how different colors look in your space. It removes the need for guessing. To make a smart choice that you'll like for a long time, compare different shades with your walls, furniture, and flooring.


We help you pick the right paint color for your home, making it unique and simple. We want to make the process easy and fun so you can create a home that shows your style and personality.

Free Paint Color Consultation

Our Las Vegas painters want to empower clients to make informed decisions. That's why we offer a free paint color consultation.


Our color expert will discuss your preferences, lifestyle, and desired outcomes. Based on this information, they will suggest colors that are a good fit for you. We're the color consultant near you that you can trust for expert guidance.


When you're searching for a "house color consultant near me" in Las Vegas, New Age Painting & Coatings is the answer. We can help with exterior house paint or interior color consultation.


We offer a free color consultation to start your journey to a beautifully painted home. Count on us for great color consulting services to make your home reflect your true self.

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