Do you have old kitchen cabinets in your home? They might look nice in some ways, but perhaps they have rather dull paint. You can spruce things up by painting them, but you might not be sure how to go about painting older kitchen cabinets. The following information will show you exactly how to paint older kitchen cabinets to get ideal results. 


Start by Cleaning and Sanding the Cabinets

Get started by cleaning and sanding the cabinets. It’s not usually a good idea to paint over the cabinets without sanding them. Also, older cabinets are likely to have accumulated years of dust and dirt. So it’s worthwhile to take some time to clean them before doing anything else. 


Clean the cabinets thoroughly using a little bit of warm water and mild soap. You can use a standard rag to take care of the cleaning process. Dry the cabinets with a clean towel when you’re finished. Wait to move forward with the sanding process until the cabinets have dried for several hours. 


Once the cabinets are dry, a little light sanding will get the job done. You should use manual sanding methods if you’re worried about damaging the old kitchen cabinets. Note that removing the doors and shelves from the cabinets will make both cleaning and sanding much simpler. You can put everything back on once you’re finished with the painting process. 


Apply Primer

Applying primer should be the next step. You don’t want to paint old kitchen cabinets without using primer. Primer allows the paint to adhere to the cabinets much better. 

So take the time to use primer on all of the cabinets to get good results. Let the primer dry before you do anything else. It shouldn’t take too long. 


Make Repairs Using Caulk and Filling

Making repairs to the cabinets is wise as well. You can repair cracks or holes in the cabinets using caulk and filling. Examine the cabinets thoroughly so you can catch any problems. Fixing blemishes before the painting process begins will make things look substantially nicer. 


Paint the Cabinets

The painting process is going to be straightforward enough. As mentioned earlier, you’ll be taking the doors and shelves off of the cabinets to make things easier. Paint those first and then put them somewhere safe where they can dry. Now you can focus your efforts on painting the other sections of the cabinets. 


Painting the cabinets should be easy if you’re using a combination of brushes and mini paint rollers. Make sure that you have plastic on the floors and counters to keep the paint from making a mess. Don’t rush the painting process either. Take it slow and try to give the cabinets a nice even coat of paint each time. 


It might take a few coats of paint to get the right results. Put all of the pieces of the cabinets back together when everything has dried. You’ll be pleased with the results if you take the time to prepare before painting the kitchen cabinets. It’s just about being patient and doing things in the right order. 


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